Ad-hoc Exhibition in St. Gall (26/03/2003)

On 26/03/2003 a meeting of pneumologists interested in historical lung devices took place in St. Gall. All colleagues who collected devices connected with lung diseases or lung patients brought them to the meeting, which resulted in a comprehensive ad-hoc exhibition. It became the basis for this “Internet Museum for Medical-Pneumological Collectibles and Antiques”.


The collection of medical cups shows that objects which did not serve lung patients exclusively were also exhibited.

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From the left: Ms Niemeyer, Ms Figliulo, Ms Parpan, wait staff, Rupert Schwarz, Manager of the Personnel Restaurant, (all dressed in historical clothing matching the event) Dr h.c. Andreas Knoblauch, M.D., in front of an iron lung, which had been used at the Cantonal Hospital St. Gall Inhalers (Dr h.c. Andreas Knoblauch, M.D.) Tuberculosis information posters from the Cantonal Hospital St. Gall Rorschach (Dr Maurus Pfister)
Dr Christine Spring looking at rare printed material Dr Jacqueline de Haller perusing historical medical books Participants looking at exhibited objects Dr Krneta gives explanations on his precious collection. Mr Horst Liepert (in the background), Ms R. Knoblauch, Mr Milorad Maric (from the left)
Dr Peter Braun (in the background) explains an early lung-function unit. In the foreground: Prof. Dr Roland Keller. View into the exhibition hall Prof. Roland Keller, Prof. Thierry Rochat, Dr Peter Braun Rupert Schwarz, Manager of the Personnel Restaurant of the Cantonal Hospital St. Gall
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